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About Us

CHAMPROMIS Expertise is a family run company created  in 1999. We are located in Cazes Mondenard and Lafrancaise and we cover  departments 82, 46 and 47.


Our purpose is simple, we want to assist  you during the sale of your property.  Surveys in France (known as the Diagnostics or Expertise) are quite technical in nature and our goal is to clearly and carefully explain them to you and the process involved and provide you with a  summary of our visit before we leave your house.   In addition, for non-french speakers, we are fluent in English and Spanish so can explain the surveys to the vendor and indeed, the prospective purchaser in their own language too.


In France when you sell or let a property several surveys have to be carried out and the most frequent ones are :

Termites : we do a full inspection of your property to check if there are any termites living in or around the building, including the garden.

Asbestos (if your house was built before 1997) : we verify whether or not there is asbestos present in the property or outbuildings.

DPE (Energy Efficiency) : we carry out an energy efficiency ranking on your property.  This is the only survey whichmust be done when you put the house on the market.

Electricity and Gas Installation (if the installation is over 15 years old) : we do a complete check of your electric and gas installations to verify whether there are any problems which could be potentially dangerous or if they do not comply with current norms.

Lead survey : (if your house was built before 1948) : we will look at all the areas of the property which have been painted and list the ones which contain lead and, if there is evidence of lead, we can check how much is present to prevent intoxication.

ESRIS : by looking  at the web site of the local Prefecture we can find out if your house is in a zone which is at risk by any natural or industrial hazards such as whether or not the property is located in a flood zone, an area prone to earthquakes or subject to ground movement or in close proximity to a factory which produces hazardous substances.



Termites : 6 months

Asbestos : if no asbestos is found the test is valid in perpetuity, if it is found a deadline for removal will be given in the results

Lead :  if no lead is found the test is valid in perpetuity  if  lead is found the report is valid for 1 year

DPE : The report is valid for 10 years

Electricity and Gas : The report is valid for 3 Years

ESRIS : The report  is valid for 6 Months


Of course the length of validity can change as a result of any new laws brought in by the Government.


We always recommend that our clients have the  full surveys carried out as soon as  a property is put on the market as, if any anomalies are found, this allows time for any remedial works to be done before an offer is received on the property, thus saving time during the transaction.  In addition when a vendor does sell the property we will come back and re-do any surveys which may have expired, free of charge  (only travel expenses will be charged). 



We are happy to provide an estimate for the costs of carrying out these surveys on your property, in order to do this we need to know:

How big is the property ?

When was it built ?
How many bedrooms are there?

Is there a gas installation ?

Are there any other buildings excluding the main property and if yes how many and what size they are.

and we will get back to you very rapidly !


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